Customize your data scheme in orginio

Starting from version proceed PERFECT, edit mode

Feel free to add further data fields and define the field types, e.g. text, value range, digit etc. After saving these settings, you will be able to add the data field to the objects you are editing.

Here’s an example:

The objective is to add skills to the employee data. Change to the editing mode and got to “Data management” in your settings. Select the tab “Schema” and then hit the button “+ DATA FIELD” to add a new field. Now name this data field and then pick the field type “Value range” from the drop down list. To provide the possibility of multiple choice, please check the box for “Multiple values”. To define the type of skills, click “MANAGE VALUE RANGE” and enter their names (e.g. leadership skills, expertise, creativity etc.), always adding further values by clicking on the “+” button. Save your settings when finished.

Now, editors can select skills for the employees from the provided drop down list. If the “Multiple values” box was checked during set-up, several skills are applicable.

Add a new data field in orginio

Ein neues Datenfeld definieren

Define values for the data field type "Value range"

Werte für den Feldtyp

Add new data field "Skills" to the employee data

Mitarbeiterdaten um Datenfeld

New data field "Skills" displayed in the employee data sheet

Mitarbeiterinformationen mit neuen Daten