Determine default key figures

Version proceed PERFECT and up, edit or view mode

orginio lets you determine which key figures you would like to have displayed by default within your org chart. From a list of KPIs, you can choose up to two, which you always want to have an eye on.

Navigate to “visualization” in the settings and stay on the tab “design”. Click the edit button of any of your viewing modes and then go to the tab “KPI”. That is where you can choose the default key figures for your org chart.

Later changes of the displayed key figures can be done in the same way at any time with only a few clicks.

You want to change the KPIs only for the moment? This can easily be done directly in the org chart by clicking on the key figures and choosing different ones in the appearing dialog.

Navigate to Visualization

Set key figures on which you want to keep an eye as default in orginio.

Determine default KPIs

Choose from different KPIs to set as default in orginio.

Default KPIs are displayed in your org chart

The default KPIs are displayed within the org chart in orginio.

Short-term change directly in the org chart

Displayed KPIs can be changed with just a few clicks in orginio