Field mapping when importing data

Version start SMART and up, edit mode

If you use one of our partners’ HR systems, you can easily import data from there to orginio. In doing so, you can map fields from the HR system to the corresponding fields in orginio.

It is also possible to assign a field from your HR system to several orginio fields. This is often necessary for different phone numbers or to fill multiple values.

See below for a description on how you can easily assign your fields.

*Note: This function is not available for imports from ADP and UKG Dimensions.

Ensure that you are in edit mode by clicking on the pen icon

orginio - edit mode

Navigate to data import

orginio - navigate to data import

Choose the partner system from which you would like to import data

orginio - choose parter

Assign fields from the partner system to fields in orginio

orginio - field mapping

Add fields, if necessary, by clicking on the button "assign another field"

orginio - field mapping - additional field