Setting filters for data import

Version complete COMFORT, edit mode

When importing data from one of our partner systems you can set custom filters to include or exclude particular objects. All fields from your HR system that have been assigned to an orginio field can be used for the definition of the filters. You can also combine the values of multiple fields.

An advanced mode allows you to create different groups of fields that can be connected using “and/or” operators. Additionally, you determine what is to happen with objects that are related to elements that are being excluded based on your filters.

For instance, you could exclude all employees working at a particular location and/or those with long time absences. Depending on your organizational structure, filters can also be set for positions and departments.

See below for a short description on how you can set your data import filters.

Ensure that you are in edit mode by clicking on the pen icon

orginio - edit mode

Navigate to data import

orginio - navigate to data import

Choose the partner system from which you would like to import data

orginio - choose parter

Navigate to the filter option by clicking on the button "modify filters"

orginio - field mapping - modify filters

Set filters according to your needs - Simple mode

orginio - field mapping - set filters - simple mode

Set filters according to your needs - Advanced mode

orginio - field mapping - set filters - advanced mode