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Better planning of future scenarios – Workforce modeling with orginio

Companies are frequently required to adapt to changing conditions in order to become and stay successful. This is true today maybe more than ever. While these adaptations are certainly not always about the organizational structure, structural modifications are something many businesses see themselves confronted with on a regular basis. Find out how orginio can help with this.

Happy holidays from orginio!

Saying that 2020 was nothing like we had ever expected is probably still an understatement. A very turbulent year which had us all face new challenges is now coming to an end. We hope that despite or maybe even because of all the prevailing uncertainty, you got to benefit from smart org charting with orginio. […]

Modeling structures directly in your org chart

The latest version of orginio comes with a great new feature allowing you to model new structures without having to modify your main org chart. Maybe you have already noticed the new section “modeling” in the settings. This is where you need to go to create and manage modeling charts. Click on the “+ MODELING” […]