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Modeling structures directly in your org chart

The latest version of orginio comes with a great new feature allowing you to model new structures without having to modify your main org chart. Maybe you have already noticed the new section “modeling” in the settings. This is where you need to go to create and manage modeling charts. Click on the “+ MODELING” […]

Happy holidays from your orginio team!

It’s that time of the year again and as we are taking a look back on the past months we hope that orginio was of great use to you in 2018 when creating your org charts! Maybe our cloud solution helped you share details on the org hierarchy with your colleagues? Did you integrate it […]

All the ways to navigate through your orginio

Are you looking for a certain org unit or position, or do you need to know where to find a colleague? orginio offers several ways to quickly get to the desired spot within your org chart. Level navigation One possibility is to move through your org chart with the help of orginio’s level navigation. Simply […]

How to publish, share and print org charts

In our blog article „The benefits of orginio“ we already pointed out how an org chart can be beneficial to different groups of people within an organization. But first, it needs to be made available to them. So, in case you have just finalized or updated your org chart, here are some ways to share […]

Visualizing organizational relationships in your org chart

Ingentis HR gimmicks   By Kelly O’Hara   Relationships within an organization are neither simple nor one-way. Therefore, it’s not enough to display a standard hierarchical structure when trying to point out the deeper connection of co-workers. As mentioned in an earlier article about organizational visualizations, illustrating relationships that are cross-departmental, project-based, or otherwise outside of […]

Integrate your org chart into your intranet portal

The company intranet portal is essential for employees when looking for information. This is why we believe it is very useful to integrate the corporate org chart there, too. This is no problem for org charts created with orginio. All you need is a so-called access key. Publish your org chart with the help of […]

Organizational visualizations with org charts

Ingentis HR gimmicks By Kelly O’Hara We as humans are inherently visual. About 83% of what humans perceive is based on sight1 with the other 17% broken down among the other senses. As a logical consequence, we believe that the visualization of HR data (or any data in general) is an essential tool for identifying the […]