Spice up your org charts in no time with orginio!

From version proceed PERFECT, edit mode

The section “Visualization” offers all necessary tools to design your org chart according to your requirements.
For example, select either the “Compact” template or the “Person details” template to provide different sorts of information in your org chart. This enables you to change the composition of your boxes as well as the data displayed in the organogram – and it only takes a few quick clicks.

There are also several color schemes available to spice up your org chart’s look. In addition, users of the proceed PERFECT version can draft their org chart according to the company’s corporate design. This includes individual color patterns as well as the integration of the company logo.

"Compact" view

Die Kompakt-Ansicht in orginio

"Person details" view

The person details view in the org chart in orginio

Standard coloring schemes

Standard coloring schemes in orginio

Create your individual color scheme in orginio

Create an idividual color scheme for your org chart in orginio

Example of an individual color scheme

Example of an org chart with an individual color scheme in orginio

Upload your company logo

Upload your company logo to your org chart in orginio

Company logo integrated into org chart

The company logo is displayed by your org chart in orginio