Display organizational structure by persons with orginio

Choosing your org structure type

Define access control for your online org chart in orginio

Define the access control for your orginio

Benutzerdefiniertes Datenschema in orginio festlegen

Customize your data scheme in orginio

Choose start and end point for the audit trail in orginio

Document changes at the push of a button

Set provider for single sign on in orginio

Single sign-on with orginio

Reuse existing information for your org chart in orginio

Reuse stored data from a template

Assign a person to multiple positions in orginio

Appoint a person to several positions

Temporary storage function for org chart objects in orginio

Create your individual temporary storage

Edit the color scheme of your online org chart in orginio

Spice up your org charts in no time with orginio!

Navigate your online org chart via the hierarchy tree in orginio

Easy navigation with the hierarchy tree