Single sign-on with orginio

Starting from version proceed PERFECT

Do you use single sign-on (SSO) to access your software programs, too? As you may know, SSO is a popular login method where a one-time authentication is enough to start working with several independent applications. As an example, many app centers offer SSO to facilitate their users’ workflows.

Single sign-on available for version proceed PERFECT and up

As SSO is also a very important topic for orginio, it is supported by our cloud solution starting from version proceed PERFECT. Due to this circumstance, orginio was added just recently to the Okta Application Network – a platform that enables SSO-based access to currently more than 5.000 apps.

Configure Okta as your single sign-on provider

If you would like to activate Okta as SSO provider in your orginio, please go to “User management” in your settings and select the tab “SSO”. After clicking the button “CHANGE PROVIDER”, type Okta into the appearing field for SSO provider and accept. You will then be asked to fill out a form with the values necessary for the installation in Okta. After the configuration, you can access orginio from the Okta Application Network via SSO.

Select single sign-on provider

Select SSO provider

Configure Okta as single sign-on provider

Configure Okta as Single Sign-On provider