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Work-life-balance: Where is the happy medium?

Striking the happy medium means making compromises. Balancing professional and private life is a challenge:

Looking after children vs. customer support
Family party vs. company celebration
Soccer team match vs. competition war
Guitar lesson vs. training seminar
Walking the dog vs. field service
Doing the laundry vs. tidying the desk
Shopping vs. customer acquisition

Where does all this lead to?

In fact more and more cases of burn-out are down to an imbalance in professional and private life. Many employees are already taking action with flexible working hours, recreation programs and stress management seminars.

We must feel a sense of well-being

However the employee alone cannot be the measure of all things. The WE within the company is important. We must feel a sense of well-being and belonging, work in partnership with our colleagues. A positive working atmosphere moves us one step closer to finding the happy medium.

And if the stress builds up again? Shared interests bring us closer together. Perhaps other colleagues are also members of the soccer team or taking guitar lessons. Colleagues we may have so far encountered only once or twice in the canteen. A glance at the organization chart will help: Watch the video now