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Successor planning with orginio

No successor appeared from nowhere

Who will be the successor for the position?

Unfortunately, this is a question that is not resolved in time at many companies. According to a global study entitled “Succession Matters” by Hanover Research, which was commissioned by the world’s largest executive search company “Korn Ferry”, every third respondent is dissatisfied with the successor management. Just 47 percent of the 1,000 executives surveyed think that their employer has sufficient up-and-coming talents. Twenty four percent even stated that their company did not maintain any successor program at all for board members and managing directors. Successor programs for middle management are only used by 38 percent of the participants.

This is a result that gives food for thought. After all, staffing gaps should be avoided and key positions must be replaced in good time. This ensures that qualified employees with appropriate expertise take up the position and no idle time periods occur for the company.

Successor planning

Successor planning can also be a good instrument for staff retention if employees are prepared for moving up to the new position in good time. The binding prospect of a higher position gives the employee perspectives and fosters company loyalty. Particularly in the case of positions that will be unfilled in the future because of retirement or parental leave, a successor program makes sense.

An organization chart is appropriate for depicting relevant successor information, such as potential, know-how and fluctuation risk. Employees with the appropriate criteria can be found via the search function. If the successor has already been decided, then they can already be displayed directly in the organization chart via the link (e.g. “dotted line” representation) to the position or to the employee.

Even the departure risk of employees can be faded in. The information in the organization chart serves as a kind of warning signal here and makes people aware of the need for action in good time. Only authorized executives have access to this sensitive data. Furthermore, vacant positions can be highlighted and it becomes apparent where immediate need for action exists.

Thus, nothing can prevent the first step towards successor planning anymore!

Visualize potential successors in the org chart in orginio

Fig. 1: orginio – depicting departure risk and successor in the organization chart (dotted line – in green here)


Display unfilled positions in the online org chart in orginio

Fig. 2: orginio – displaying unfilled position in the organization chart