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Talent management with online org charting solution orginio

How to discover hidden talents

Talent Management is the main topic in many companies

What happens if talent information remains hidden? Everything is possible: Molly from the production department is a talented singer in a band. The colleague Linda from the secretariat didn’t know this and has now booked an expensive entertainer for the company event. Or: Andrew has organizational talent for orders from East Asian countries. The colleague Thomas from the neighboring department didn’t know this and compiled the purchasing lists alone through tedious research.

Talents are of no help if they are not put to use and nobody knows about them. Nobody will walk through the canteen hallway proclaiming their strong points, of course. One or the other talent might come to light during the employee review – but it will still not become known throughout the company.

Why not display the talents in the organization chart?

In this way, everyone can see what the colleague from next door is capable of. And to be honest: Who wouldn’t find it flattering to find their strong points in the company organization chart?

Display employee talents in the online org chart in orginio

Display employee talents in the online org chart in orginio