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Reorganizations of company structures with orginio

Organization metamorphosis

From a caterpillar to a butterfly – from an org charting beginner to an expert

Everyone knows about metamorphosis. The ugly caterpillar transforms into the beautiful, colorful butterfly. The ugly caterpillar – rather like gridlocked structures, unproductiveness and unequal division of labor. These are just some of the urgent reasons for an organization restructure.

How do we transform the ugly caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly? How do we brighten up the organization? It’s all about bundling expertise, increasing productivity, optimizing workflows and improving social structures. This requires departments to be amalgamated or split up, new teams to be built and new managers to be appointed wherever possible. A difficult process that needs careful consideration.

The end result is a new organization structure. Yet the process continues to evolve, even when the new organization structure is in place. The first step is to notify all those affected. If major structural changes are made, all employees should then be informed. It is important to ensure, though, that the employees do not encounter confusion or misunderstandings.

Reorganization of your org structure via Drag&Drop

The catchword is transparency. The new structures can be depicted in the company organization chart. It helps if all employees are able to view the organization chart in the Intranet. It is then soon apparent who is working in which department and what the newly amalgamated XY department looks like. Being able to simply adapt the old organization chart via Drag&Drop is a great advantage. This saves chart building time. But how can all this work? Watch the video now