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Multiple positions

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More and more organizations are deciding to place one employee in several departments – kind of like a butterfly that visits numerous different flowers. So how does this happen? One employee holds multiple positions, wherever possible in multiple departments. As an example: the employee devotes 50% of his time to Sales, 30% to Marketing and 20% to Event Management.

Why multiple positions?

Everyone knows – personnel resources and the expertise of each and every employee must be exploited to optimum effect. Deployment planning must be optimized. The personnel costs for an employee must be kept at a manageable level.

The risk?

Have you ever tried to follow a butterfly’s path in a flower meadow? A flower meadow around which umpteen butterflies are flying and a colorful sea of flowers is blossoming. Following this one butterfly is no easy feat. This is precisely the risk with multiple positions when an organization lacks transparency and the overview is lost. In which departments does the employee hold positions and how much of his time does he devote to each? Where are these departments located? What are the employee’s contact details? To maintain the overview, you need to depict your organization structure in a clear, transparent manner. All key information on the employee and the multiple positions he holds should be traceable in the organization chart.

The org chart in orginio displays all positions an employee fills

Multiple positions in the organization Chart

Detail view of the position in orginio

Detail view of the position in the organization chart