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Happy Holidays from orginio

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Thank you for your patience during the past few weeks as the orginio blog has fallen silent. You can be sure that our work on and with orginio has not come to a halt: One of this year’s highlights is the development of two further licensing versions, “proceed PERFECT“ and “complete COMFORT“. Altogether, five licensing types enable us to flexibly react to our customers’ needs.
proceed PERFECT allows the analyzation of your data as well as the definition of customized data schemes. In addition, the restoration of data and a protocol of amendments is available with complete COMFORT. Just like “advance ATTRACTIVE”, both new versions also enable user-specific field permissions to protect sensitive information.

Most favorite features of orginio

To better understand these and other features of orginio, we will provide you with some more short overviews of the most favored features in early 2017. These include easy navigation through the structure tree and the visualization of KPIs within the organizational chart, amongst others.
So, while we are already looking forward to a very exciting time for orginio, we want to thank you for your support during these past few months. We hope you stay tuned for what is to come in 2017.
Enjoy your Christmas holidays and have a successful and fun new year!