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Digitalization in Human Resources

The wave of digitization reaches HR

The wave of digitalization rolls on and does not stop at the door of Human Resources

More and more work processes are supported electronically. HR applications and apps can be found in all forms on the market. They should make the daily working life of Human Resources staff easier. No matter whether it involves Talent Management, Recruiting or Organization – digitization is a major topic. What influence does digitization have on Human Resources? We will show you some areas affected by the digital revolution.

1. HR process

Digitization brings with it more streamlined HR processes that run faster and more smoothly. Projects can be managed better interdepartmentally and internationally. Vacation requests, time recording and travel expense accounting etc. are now done digitally. Manual effort is disappearing.

2. Transparency

Human Resources is becoming more transparent. Ever increasing amounts of data are indeed being produced. However, with the digital HR solutions these are evaluated and processed automatically. The HR staff quickly gets an overview of HR key figures, employee data and organization structure. Thus, for example, organization charts customized simply by Drag & Drop and which display individual employee information are moving onto the screen (see figure).

The search in orginio shows all employees matching the criteria

3. Communication

Digitization is also having an effect on HR communication, of course. Digital platforms are shaping internal and external communication. Thus, recruiting is taking place more and more via social networks such as Xing and LinkedIn, for example. But also job platforms on the Internet have become indispensable when it comes to recruiting staff.