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Display team structures online with orginio

Teamwork is not: “I Team, You Work!”

Teamwork! A strong term that is popular. Popular among staff, managers – employees? Unfortunately, it is often not the case that everyone pulls together in reality. Then, the motto is: “I team, you work!“ A shame as well.

In fact, teamwork should not only be a fad and part of a buzzword bingo. Teamwork is extremely important and the key to success. According to the Dalai Lama “If we do not work together, we will not find a solution to our problems”. Problems are solved together. Everyone is responsible and has respect for the other. This creates trust and a better working atmosphere.

But what does the team structure even look like? Who is responsible for which tasks? An organization chart will help. All employees of a team and their contact information can be displayed in it. Tip: Display the most important tasks of each employee in the organization chart (see Fig.). This provides your team with a good overview and clarity – which helps to prevent any cause for discussion and misunderstandings.

Display tasks of team members in the org chart in orginio