Data quality, data security and data availability for your org chart in orginio

The success of your organization chart

What is the most important element of your organization chart? Correct – the data! We have listed for you important aspects of data maintenance and the benefits a SaaS solution can bring. The 3 Ds that make your organization chart perfect are:

1. Data quality

An organization chart cannot be useful or meaningful without high-quality data. The devil is in the details. Make sure that the data you create or import into the application for the first time are complete, correct and up-to-date. You can create an Excel list with any number of columns containing information about org units, positions or employees, including location, room number or date of birth for example. Simply save your completed Excel list as a .csv file so that the application can readily import the data. Next step: Select the .csv file in the application and then decide which information are to appear in the organization chart.

Data example: Excel file for org chart creation in orginio

2. Data availability

The huge advantage of a SaaS application is, that you can access your data quickly at anytime. The data are stored externally on a server and can be retrieved online. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates. This is handled by the external service provider. Ensure that access to data is controlled by an authorization system, so that the organization chart is only available to certain individuals.


3. Data security

Make sure that your data are monitored by the external data center 24 hours a day. Reputable providers are certified to ISO and other quality seals, from TÜV or DCSA for example.