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5 Tips: How to use your HR data optimally

Let us show you how to use your HR data optimally with very little effort Unstructured data accumulates in every company. The companies only recognize how much potential is contained within this data when it is structured. Unfortunately, this is often not done, however. True to the motto: data potential available – data utilization missed. 1. Benefit […]

Teamwork is not: “I Team, You Work!”

Teamwork! A strong term that is popular. Popular among staff, managers – employees? Unfortunately, it is often not the case that everyone pulls together in reality. Then, the motto is: “I team, you work!“ A shame as well. In fact, teamwork should not only be a fad and part of a buzzword bingo. Teamwork is […]

Multiple positions

Trending: Multiple positions More and more organizations are deciding to place one employee in several departments – kind of like a butterfly that visits numerous different flowers. So how does this happen? One employee holds multiple positions, wherever possible in multiple departments. As an example: the employee devotes 50% of his time to Sales, 30% […]

Recruiting: No more big pond

A few years ago, searching for candidates was just like fishing in a big pond. Skilled labor was plentiful. There were many well-qualified applicants for one position. It didn’t take too long to find the right candidate. Things are different today! The big pond leads into a fast-flowing river. Although there are plenty of candidates […]