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orginio now on ADP’s Marketplace

orginio has reached a next great milestone and is now available for download on the ADP Marketplace. As a result, company visualizations can be created within orginio based on workforce data from ADP Workforce Now or Vantage HCM. “Our goal with orginio was to develop an intuitive and easy to use org chart tool which […]

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Thank you for your patience during the past few weeks as the orginio blog has fallen silent. You can be sure that our work on and with orginio has not come to a halt: One of this year’s highlights is the development of two further licensing versions, “proceed PERFECT“ and “complete COMFORT“. Altogether, five licensing […]

No successor appeared from nowhere

Who will be the successor for the position? Unfortunately, this is a question that is not resolved in time at many companies. According to a global study entitled “Succession Matters” by Hanover Research, which was commissioned by the world’s largest executive search company “Korn Ferry”, every third respondent is dissatisfied with the successor management. Just […]

The wave of digitization reaches HR

The wave of digitalization rolls on and does not stop at the door of Human Resources More and more work processes are supported electronically. HR applications and apps can be found in all forms on the market. They should make the daily working life of Human Resources staff easier. No matter whether it involves Talent […]

How to discover hidden talents

Talent Management is the main topic in many companies What happens if talent information remains hidden? Everything is possible: Molly from the production department is a talented singer in a band. The colleague Linda from the secretariat didn’t know this and has now booked an expensive entertainer for the company event. Or: Andrew has organizational talent for orders […]

Thank you for your confidence!

Happy holiday season and a successful new year 2016! The year is drawing to an end. We are happy that our new product orginio has been well received and thank you for your confidence! Of course, in 2016 we will make progress with orginio’s further development and inform you about the latest HR trends in […]